About Ledeni

Ledeni as a Brand arises from the need to combine a modern, urban way of dressing with Nature. The desire for comfort, the feeling of freedom, everywhere, wherever we are, is the desire of all of us. Modern, geometric shapes, based on the traditional approach to modeling, are the basic characteristics of this Brand. The materials are mostly natural, with a small dose of those that increase comfort. The decision is that all the above principles be applied, above all, to the white shirt, men's and women's, as a tribute to a piece of clothing, ubiquitous in every segment of life, to every person on our planet. The entire Ledeni Collection has several lines, which will be visible over time and will be presented through unique mini collections. Uniqueness and personal touch is in all of us.

Creative Team

Jovana Petrović

Graduated textile designer
One of the Founders and a permanent Consultant on the Project

Goran Matović

Graphic Designer

Suzana Stojković

MA in Digital Arts and Media 
Web designer and Editor of Magazine

Tomislav Ostojić

Graduate of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education
Marketing Coordinator

Stefan Andrić

Photographer and Stylist

Jelisaveta Vračarić

Born in Belgrade in 1996. Graduated textile designer. She completed a master’s degree in academic studies at the Department of Painting in 2021. The greatest area of interest is reflected in the research of the traditional Japanese technique Batik. Constantly looking for a freer approach to art and design. She considers Ledeni to be just such a brand, imbued with tradition, as well as the free spirit with which these models were cut and designed.

Tatjana Terzić

Founder / Modeler / Coordinator